Our Vision

Maximizing the effectiveness of your online presence means more than just being there. An effective online presence brings recognition and demonstrates  relevance. These provide motivation toward membership. Membership provides funding and increases influence. Your association lobbies for the best interests of your neighbourhood and influence is the engine that powers outcomes.

  •  If you aren’t online we provide you with a WordPress website you can manage yourself with a little training.
  •  If you are online we make the case for upgrading to WordPress.
  •  If you do not blog we make the case for starting, and show you how easy it is to begin to engage with your neighbours.
  •  If you do not yet have a Facebook account we will show you working examples of Facebook providing neighbourhood associations with vibrant and wide-ranging conversation day in, day out. And of  course we will build your page or group and show you the free tools that make it more useful and inviting.

These tools working together create a degree of engagement that feeds on itself as your constituents increasingly discover value in participation. No less an interested party than the Canadian Taxpayers Federation understands the power of this paradigm, and describes it in their “Municipal Ratepayers Guide”. Contact us for more from the CTF.

Our Programs & Pricing

We build a set of platforms on which your association can speak to and hear from fellow stakeholders – neighbours,  politicians, bureaucrats, planners, educators, merchants and fellow lobbyists for quality of life in communities. We’ve given the approach considerable thought and we’ve listened to and learned from the collective voices of the RPA community.

  • we will construct a website platform you can manage yourself.  (Or, if you currently have a site that you can’t easily update and manage yourself, we can migrate the site to a platform where you will be able to do this).
  • we will recommend including a blog to present issues around which neighbours may choose to comment on.
  • we also offer a branded Facebook page where a more conversational environment is available and where the range of subjects is as broad as among neighbours in the real world

That’s it.

Tools To Build Your Community

Yes, we offer tools that add options:

  • Event calendars
  • Quizzes, vote-taking, polling
  • Volunteer and membership registration (and payment)
  • Newsletter registration (and download)
  • AGM and other meeting minutes

Yes, there are more options. Including one that pays you to choose us. No, really, pays you in dollars. Fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction of course. But dollars too. For as long as you choose to stay on board. No work, no fees, no contact. You might want to ask us about the “Ad Stream” option.

Programs & Pricing