apathyApathy, defined as boredom or a lack of enthusiasm, is one of the toughest, most intransigent enemies of building a vibrant Ratepayer Association or neighbourhood group. We’re talking about the apathy within a community – that stops people from joining in.

From our vantage – observing many RPAs – we know there is usually a dedicated and hardworking core or executive doing the heavy lifting. Funds are usually tight, there is a lot of work to do.  Did we mention that everyone is a volunteer?  With limited time?

Yet work needs to be done. Whether you want to lobby local Councillors, dialogue with developers, attract funding for neighbourhood improvements, clean up graffiti,  work with law-enforcement to increase safety – or simply build a sense of community…the “To Do” list is endless. And the conventional wisdom is true, many hands do make light work. The issue is to find those many hands.  Here is our approach.

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