A First – Social Media Trumps Email for Consumers

We leave it to you to decide how important this news is within your neighbourhood. While it describes consumer behaviour, is it a stretch to see the importance of your effort to offer experiences in your environment that your constituents expect and embrace elsewhere? While you ponder that, look at the older demographic that generates this shift. Does that look like your neighbours? The full article is here.

“Social media is big and getting bigger, and provides marketers with a combination of reach, relationships, and relevance:

  • Reach: Social media has overtaken email as the most popular consumer activity, according to a recent Nielsen study. Importantly, consumer growth is coming from an older demographic than social media’s historical base; for example, Facebooks strongest growth is coming from 35-49 year-olds, adding twice as many 50-64-year-olds as opposed to those under 18. (Nielsen “Global Faces and Networked Places,” March 9, 2009; MediaPost Blogs Research Brief, “Social Networking Is No Respecter of Age,” March 18, 2009.)
  • Relationships: Social media’s strength is in the personal connections it enables, and the peer-to-peer contact that provides reasons for consumers to visit regularly and for extended periods of time.
  • Relevance: Consumers are extremely engaged with the content and connections that their friends create because of its personal relevance.”

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