Not Why, but How Should You be involved in Social Media?

Canadians Love Facebook

Canadians Love Facebook

Increasingly, organizations of all stripes are asking “how”, not “why” should they be involved in social media. With eighteen million Canadians regularly using Facebook alone, the argument that “my” audience isn’t into social media is mistaken.  Fully half of that number log onto Facebook (from a computer, not a mobile device) every day! We already knew that Canadians are among the friendliest folk on the planet and Facebook data supports that belief;  Canadian users rank highest in the world with an average of 190 friends each versus a world average of 130.

We Canadians also lead the world in both the percentage of us online and in the hours per week we’re there.  We watch more online video than anyone else and the older segments of our population are embracing Facebook in larger numbers than young people – another fact that debunks a common assumption. We hear some RA executives suggest that in five or ten years social media will matter to their groups, as the young folk take over their parents’ homes. The fact is, social media matters right now, offering your RA a golden opportunity to demonstrate your relevance through actively supporting an online community that mirrors the neighbourhood you serve.

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