Scoring Your RPAs Online Appeal

The Internet has long been compared to a highway, because by itself it’s just an open road. The World Wide Web (web, www) is the assortment of “properties” at the side of the road. In the beginning all properties were essential the same – they hung a sign over the door and presented a story or stories. Today we call sites like this “brochure” sites.

The Online Sweet Spot for your RPA

That was then. Today the web is spread along a much faster, wider, better maintained highway and the proprietors of today’s properties have fancied up their operations. To the old “read my story” approach they’ve added invitations to respond with your thoughts and comments, engage with content in audiovisual form, upload your own material, download information and offers, flip through calendars – you know, you’ve been there and seen it.

How do you present online? Approximately 30% of RPAs don’t appear at all. The performance of those that do describes a broad spectrum from fresh and engaging to stale and somewhat discouraging – certainly discouraging to prospective members and supporters. Whether it’s a virtual or real property, the obvious care or lack of it determines what we do next most of the time. Picture any retailer, car dealer, theatre complex you visit. How does your online storefront compare? And how do you look when a visitor does get beyond the front door? If you don’t like the conclusion you reach, perhaps it’s time to contact us and have a chat.

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