Our “Ad Stream” Option

email_sampler_200The core of our “ad stream” option is the opportunity it presents to earn back our service fees and go on to add revenue to your treasury month after month. One, at most two, discreet email offers a month to members of your RPA, each containing multiple promotions from local eateries, contractors, retailers and so on – with the revenue from these advertisers shared back to you. For the advertiser the opportunity is to reach residents of their market area, residents who:

  • know that the program benefits their association,
  • know that their email address is never shared with anyone, including the advertisers themselves and
  • may opt out with one click at any time.

RPAs that choose this option are offered a discount on the “Community Builder” bundle they select. If for any reason we are unable to deliver an “ad stream” program in their neighbourhood the discounted price stands. So there’s no risk in making the “ad stream” choice. The worst case is a saving from the regular fee. The best case is earning back the fee and then some. And here’s some more good news; “consumers still prefer to learn about promotions via email, and by a large margin, according to a new survey from Millward Brown Digital. After search engines, email comes in at No. 2.” Take the advantage email promotions have, add the trusted source of your RPA and the knowledge that supporting the program strengthens the RPA and you have a tool for:

  • encouraging membership which builds influence,
  • creating revenue to reduce or eliminate membership fees,
  • improving the quality of events,
  • engaging professional consultants,
  • supporting whatever objectives you choose.

Isn’t that worth talking about? Contact us to do just that.

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