Survey Results – How RPAs Appear Online

In late 2012 we surveyed the member sites of a North Toronto RPA umbrella group.  Our purpose was to get an overview of appearance,  navigation, services (Paypal for example), freshness of content,  event calendars, newsletters and other material for download and additional platforms for engagement, such as a Facebook page and website blog. Of 28 member RPAs, 20 had websites, 6 had a blog, 6 offered a Paypal connection for membership dues and donations and none linked to a Facebook page. Here is the full summary of results:

Survey Results - How RPAs Appear Online

It should be said that our survey involved a group which in total number is about 5% of the RPAs active in Ontario, all of them clustered in one Metropolitan area. We will continue our survey work in ever expanding geographical area in 2013 and we welcome any comment, question or suggestion readers may have.

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