Our “Ad Stream” Option

email_sampler_200The core of our “ad stream” option is the opportunity it presents to earn back our service fees and go on to add revenue to your treasury month after month. One, at most two, discreet email offers a month to members of your RPA, each containing multiple promotions from local eateries, contractors, retailers and so on – with the revenue from these advertisers shared back to you. For the advertiser the opportunity is to reach residents of their market area, residents who:

  • know that the program benefits their association,
  • know that their email address is never shared with anyone, including the advertisers themselves and
  • may opt out with one click at any time.

RPAs that choose this option are offered a discount on the “Community Builder” bundle they select. If for any reason we are unable to deliver an “ad stream” program in their neighbourhood the discounted price stands. So there’s no risk in making the “ad stream” choice. The worst case is a saving from the regular fee. The best case is earning back the fee and then some. And here’s some more good news; “consumers still prefer to learn about promotions via email, and by a large margin, according to a new survey from Millward Brown Digital. After search engines, email comes in at No. 2.” Take the advantage email promotions have, add the trusted source of your RPA and the knowledge that supporting the program strengthens the RPA and you have a tool for:

  • encouraging membership which builds influence,
  • creating revenue to reduce or eliminate membership fees,
  • improving the quality of events,
  • engaging professional consultants,
  • supporting whatever objectives you choose.

Isn’t that worth talking about? Contact us to do just that.

The Role of Technology in Community-Building

In this short video IBM Canada’s Smarter Cities Leader, John Longbottom discusses furthering the development of your community by, in part, seeing it as a brand. Naturally, being an IBMer, technology is central to the message but only after you have defined the strengths of your community “brand”. Our belief is that the social media options technology supports are vital to growing and sustaining vibrant communities, right down to the neighbourhood level. There remain numerous RPA boards unconvinced that engaging neighbours online is necessary or helpful. This despite the evidence available by simply looking at neighbourhood Facebook pages and blogs that are seeing the sharing of news, advice, questions and answers and much more on a daily basis. The plain truth is that community groups not accessing the power of online engagement are sacrificing opportunity.

Our Vision


Scoring Your RPAs Online Appeal

The Internet has long been compared to a highway, because by itself it’s just an open road. The World Wide Web (web, www) is the assortment of “properties” at the side of the road. In the beginning all properties were essential the same – they hung a sign over the door and presented a story or stories. Today we call sites like this “brochure” sites.

The Online Sweet Spot for your RPA

That was then. Today the web is spread along a much faster, wider, better maintained highway and the proprietors of today’s properties have fancied up their operations. To the old “read my story” approach they’ve added invitations to respond with your thoughts and comments, engage with content in audiovisual form, upload your own material, download information and offers, flip through calendars – you know, you’ve been there and seen it.

How do you present online? Approximately 30% of RPAs don’t appear at all. The performance of those that do describes a broad spectrum from fresh and engaging to stale and somewhat discouraging – certainly discouraging to prospective members and supporters. Whether it’s a virtual or real property, the obvious care or lack of it determines what we do next most of the time. Picture any retailer, car dealer, theatre complex you visit. How does your online storefront compare? And how do you look when a visitor does get beyond the front door? If you don’t like the conclusion you reach, perhaps it’s time to contact us and have a chat.

Your Group and Social Media – Taxpayers Federation Advice

Municipal Ratepayers Guide

Municipal Ratepayers Guide

In their multi-page PDF the Canadian Taxpayers Federation includes advice on what social media channels to consider and how to use them to foster community and increase influence around your RPA. Not surprisingly, it’s the same advice we offer, because it’s effective. Unique to our approach is platform development on your behalf. Yes, we talk about what the web, blogging and social media means for you but what sets us apart is that we’re ready to take you there – build or migrate your website, create and get you started on Facebook, guide your decisions regarding other tools including YouTube and Twitter and support your move to them if that’s your decision.
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Relevant Video on Your WordPress Site

Often pictures save paragraphs and this is an example; a video link from the website of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation of a TV news segment discussing Ontario Premier Wynne’s promise to balance the budget by 2017. Your site can (and probably should) offer links to content on matters of interest and concern to your members, and perhaps more importantly, to neighbours who haven’t yet made the commitment to membership:


This, you’ll notice, is what we do. And we use WordPress to develop your website because of the ease it affords in giving you control over creating posts and pages like this. Contact us to discuss the suite of tools we have developed to grow your Association, quickly and for the long term.

Not Why, but How Should You be involved in Social Media?

Canadians Love Facebook

Canadians Love Facebook

Increasingly, organizations of all stripes are asking “how”, not “why” should they be involved in social media. With eighteen million Canadians regularly using Facebook alone, the argument that “my” audience isn’t into social media is mistaken.  Fully half of that number log onto Facebook (from a computer, not a mobile device) every day! We already knew that Canadians are among the friendliest folk on the planet and Facebook data supports that belief;  Canadian users rank highest in the world with an average of 190 friends each versus a world average of 130.

We Canadians also lead the world in both the percentage of us online and in the hours per week we’re there.  We watch more online video than anyone else and the older segments of our population are embracing Facebook in larger numbers than young people – another fact that debunks a common assumption. We hear some RA executives suggest that in five or ten years social media will matter to their groups, as the young folk take over their parents’ homes. The fact is, social media matters right now, offering your RA a golden opportunity to demonstrate your relevance through actively supporting an online community that mirrors the neighbourhood you serve.