Community Builder – Pro


We use WordPress, software developed to build and manage websites and blogs. There are tens of millions of WordPress-built sites, in part because of:

  • Ease of content management: anyone with basic computer literacy can in hours be trained to change and add copy, pictures and video and accomplish whatever site management is required. And you can allow multiple individuals access to the administration functions so it isn’t all riding on one person or supplier.
  • A wealth of plugins and widgets available to add to what you can do on your site. From taking polls to maintaining an interactive calendar to making the site secure and reducing spam. We install a basic set of these tools and ensure that your site displays properly on mobile devices.

We build and upload your site, provide initial training (plus two weeks of email support) and ensure that you know what further options exist when you are ready to consider them. You need to have registered a domain name and purchased web hosting. We can help with both.


Websites typically present page choices almost always including Home, About, Blog, Membership and Contact. Your RPA site may require others, perhaps “Events” or “Newsletters” and so on. We will create up to five pages, copying in your written material. Naturally you may request more.

Membership Page

You want residents to know why they should and how they can join your Association. A customized membership page gets the job done and is one of the five standard navigation selections we build.

Branded Facebook Page

When you hold a membership meeting the agenda divides up what needs to be covered and each section differs somewhat from the others. For example, reading the Minutes is a one-way communication versus raising New Business or holding a Q and A segment. Your online tools work in a similar way.

A website often presents material that isn’t subject to frequent change. A blog hosts current issues content and invites comment from readers. A branded Facebook page is like a town hall meeting, lively conversation, suggestions, questions, information exchange and volunteer signup – neighbours talking to neighbours. We create this page and you build your online community. Increased membership is virtually guaranteed in a RPA with a healthy online component because the added value is obvious to anyone who visits. And the greater the engagement the greater the influence in the areas that matter to you.

Paypal Integration

Making a purchase easy is critical no matter what the item. Compare collecting membership and donation revenues in a few secure clicks versus cheque-writing and drop off or email transfers. We’ll set you up with payment options from major credit cards using Paypal’s trusted security.

MailChimp Account Setup

Members and subscribers can easily add themselves to an automated mailing list with a plugin that passes their contact information to your MailChimp email service account. Use it to design and send e-blasts (newsletters, notices, and volunteer requests…) and track results. View how many (and who) opened your mail, followed links or shared your content.

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