The content on a “links” page is selected because it is relevant to the community that accesses the website. Our site, built and maintained for board and general members of residential ratepayer’s associations, offers content to help you to reach and exceed your objectives as community leaders and lobbyists for strong, healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods.

We know that some objectives are at the top of most lists of challenges drawn up by Association Executives. These include:

  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Recruiting new members
  • General apathy to issues
  • Communicating with members
  • Renewal of members

Our vision for community-building includes actions to address these challenges.  For detailed commentary, program descriptions and pricing visit the “Programs & Pricing” page.

What RPAs Care About

You may be aware of a survey undertaken by the Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods (Ontario) in 2011.  The resulting 12-page document presents a summary of the most important issues for Ontario resident’s associations. View it here.